TRIFLEX® Training

PipingSolutions, Inc. offers training at our site in Houston or training at your site. We also offer Live Online Training with flexible scheduling.


Our Training

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Let your pipe stress analysis education TAKE OFF with our training. We not only train you in the use of the software. We teach you how to be a pipe stress analyst from Day1. We utilize lots of modeling and encourage solving for model issues as well. Let us teach you about the software, the piping codes, stress analysis and finding resolutions to issues. Modeling is easy, but making the correct assumptions is not. Learn the pitfalls and why we do what do.


PipingSolutions, Inc.

Training in Houston

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Come to Houston and train, eat lunch on us and visit Nasa. We provide snacks and a lot of fun. We are always willing to include what interest you.

Live Online Training

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Pipe Stress Analysis Online Courses

Train Online and we will make our schedule meet your schedule. We are live online and with an open mic. You can ask questions and we make sure that no one gets lost.

Training at Your Site

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We can come to you too! We will be happy to hop on a plane and train in your facilities. If you have three or more who need to be trained, we will come to you.