Statics Capabilities

TRIFLEX offers full capabilities under Statics analysis and allows the user to purchase only Statics Analysis capabilities that also contain the ability to do Mode Shapes & Frequency analysis.

  • Piping Code Compliance Reports

    Easy to understand Piping Code Compliance Reports with clear indications of pass or fail. Identifiable code calculations. Calculations for Max Displacement within all cases available, which includes a clear identifier of the contributing cases.

  • Pipe Stress Equipment Loading Analysis

    Check code compliance of nozzle loading and case loading for equipment using any of the following standards: NEMA SM23/24 for Steam Turbines, API Std. 617 for Centrifugal Compressors, API Std. 610 for Centrifugal Pumps, ROT offers User Customized Reports with equipment vendor allowable loads.

  • Spring Hanger Sizing

    Quick and Easy spring hanger sizing gives 2 spring options to choose from. Shows the spring size, spring rate, spring series, spring travel, installed load, operating load and load variation. Allows user to size for small loads and free up the vertical weight load.

  • Seismic Analysis

    TRIFLEX offers Static Equivalent seismic analysis using percentage of gravity. Seismic only weight load is figured automatically and load case combinations are available. A mode shapes and frequency analysis is available in the statics module as well.

  • Wind Load Generation

    TRIFLEX gives users the ability to define wind loads as a function of wind speed, pressure or actual load per unit length. Also selections for UBC and ASCE methods. Uniform loading is also available.

  • Fatigue Analysis

    Users have the ability to calculate the remaining life in a system. For Fatigue according to DIN, the user can enter material fatigue curve data from the ASME Section VIII, Division 2 code or import curve data and define a number of cycles. The cumulative usage report provides a total usage factor taking into consideration all fatigue cases defined by the user.

  • Offshore Piping Analysis

    Given the density of the surrounding seawater, TRIFLEX automatically calculates the external hydrostatic pressure applied to the pipe. Unlimited load cases in TRIFLEX help the user define and import any number of applied displacements.

  • Mode Shapes & Frequency Generation

    TRIFLEX generates the mode shapes and natural frequencies for the piping system. Each mode shape can be viewed as graphic animation. Users can look at the operating state of restraints to ensure that the goal for the first mode shape is met.