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Easily find the information that you seek. whether it is " how to get started in pipe stress analysis" or just downloading a brochure, we have your covered. You may also find information about supports from our sister company AAA Technology & Speciailties Co.. Inc. newsletters


2 TRIFLEX Brochure

TRIFLEX®, a well-known name in piping stress analysis since 1971, provides piping stress analysts with an easy-to-use pro-gram to quickly and accurately analyze piping systems for the effects of pressure, temperature, weight, and other static loads as well as a variety of dynamic loading conditions.


If you have 3-15 people, your company can schedule their own customized seminar.

2024 In-Person Training Schedule

In this IN-PERSON class, you will analyze piping codes used in the piping stress software, review stress guidelines, wind and seismic loads, and other practical modeling. To improve your expertise, you will be given examples of various situations that arise in the industry. You will be shown how to resolve these situations.

NOTE: We do not have any scheduled IN-PERSON classes at this time. Please contact us about scheduling an ON-SITE course in Houston or at your facility.


6 PipingSolutions Services

PipingSolutions, Inc. is an engineering consulting and software development company. PipingSolutions, Inc. was initially the En-gineering Software and Consulting Division of AAA Technology and Specialties Co., Inc. AAA Technology was founded in 1971 to provide top quality services and products to many facets of the process industry.

7 Pipe Support Fitness for Service Broch

PipingSolutions, Inc. can inspect your hangers and supports and provide a summary of priority and action to be taken. We are uniquely qualified to do these inspections because our sister company AAA Technology & Specialties Co., Inc. manufactures and engineers hangers and supports.