TRIFLEX® Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protecting your personal information is a priority of PipingSolutions, Inc. We will never sell your information. We will never send you information like newsletters or emails unless you have given us your email and expressed interest in our products and/or services. We do not have eCommerce on this site. We collect only personal CONTACT data that you voluntarily give us through express contact actions such as a trade show contact, an email, a form, or a phone call contact with us. This information goes only to our PipeDrive CRM database and iContact for email marketing. Also, Cookies are only taken by Google Analytics which is strictly necessary for the function of our website and to improve your online experience and the website’s search engine placement. Google analytics provides an OPT-OUT feature that can be utilized. Please read below for more details and contact us at for more information.

WHAT information is collected…

Only information that you volunteer is collected and stored. Such information might be your First and Last Name, your email address, your company name, company address or preferred mailing address, your preferred or provided contact numbers, your title within the organization if provided though some form of express contact, and what services or products that you are interested in.

WHERE information is collected from…

Only information that is provided to us by your voluntary and express contact actions with us is stored by PipingSolutions. This could be a trade show contact, an email, a form, or a phone call contact with us.

Why information is collected…

Information is collected by PipingSolutions for the purpose of following up with you and your expression of interest in our products and/or services. We will never sell your information. Newsletters or marketing mass emails can easily be opted out of.

How information is collected… (including through cookies)

At this time, PipingSolutions, Inc. does not make use of any tracking technology but Google Analytics as strictly necessary. We do reserve the right to change that in the future and will provide proper revisions to this statement if we do.

Google Analytics (strictly necessary for the basic function of our website) collects data about your behavior on our sites. This may include pages you’ve visited, trials you’ve initiated, videos you’ve played, your IP address or device ID, and possibly your log-in to our site forum. We use this data to measure our site performance and evaluate the ease of your online experience, so we can enhance our features. We also use advanced analytics methods to optimize your experience with email, customer support, and sales. Google uses these analytics to provide you with relevant (to you) ads and determine search engine placement.

Who information is shared with (information sold to no one) …

  1. Third Party Services… Client is processed through our PipeDrive CRM and our iContact accounts (mailing service and content creator). Your information is not for sale.
  2. Cookies used by Google Analytics as strictly necessary for the basic function of our website. You may OPT-OUT of Google Analytics cookies through Google by using theGoogle Analytics Opt-out feature.

What rights do users have over their data …

PipingSolutions, Inc. complies with stated regulations GDPR.EU and ePrivacy Directive. We offer the website user to OPT-OUT of Google Analytics cookies through Google.

You may opt out from the collection of navigation information about your visit to the Site by Google Analytics by using the Google Analytics Opt-out feature.

We offer the opportunity for anyone who receives information from us in any form of communication to deny the communication or unsubscribe at any time and this request will be immediately complied with after only one request.

If the individual wishes to be removed from Third Party software such as PipeDrive CRM and iContact mail services, this is also available at request.

As it is our intention to immediately comply with the individual’s rights to share or not share their personal contact data and to do so by utilizing their avenues for expressed preferences, we feel that dispute resolution should begin with written communication to PipingSolutions Inc. However, individuals have the right to file disputes with GDPR and the FTC.

Who to contact at PSI if questions …