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PipingSolutions, Inc. offers expert Support Inspection Services and Pipe Stress Analysis services.

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Support Inspections

PipingSolutions, Inc. can do your pipe support & hanger fitness for service study Overview as we are uniquely qualified due to our pipe stress analysis background and our sister company AAA Technology and Specialties that manufacturers supports and hangers.

Pipe Stress Analysis

PipingSolutions, Inc. performs pipe stress analysis with a keen understanding of the piping codes and specifications. We have done large offshore projects, small refrigeration projects, gas plants, steam plants, and quite a bit in-between. We have solved bracing issues, vibration issues, surge flow and water hammer problems.

Pipe Hanger Inspection Services

During Field Data Collection PSI will:

* Locate all pipe supports and note the location of each on plan & elevation drawings
* Make visual inspection of pipe supports, t-shoes, rollers low friction slide bearings, insulated supports, rigid pipe hangers, sway braces, sway struts, hydraulic snubbers, variable spring hangers and constant spring hangers.
* Record all appropriate data for each pipe support and generate a written record of all relevant data. For spring hangers and supports, the data will include operating load, the installed load, the spring rate, the actual load positions and the design hot load and cold load positions.
* Take a digital photograph of each pipe support and document any observed problems.
* Generate a spreadsheet listing of all noted pipe supports and preliminary findings.

During Engineering Fitness for Service Assessment PSI will:

* Organize field collected data and photographs by pipe support
* Review the collected data for each pipe support and prepare comments as to the suitability for continued service as follows:
* Acceptable for continued service as is
* Acceptable for continued service with modification or re-conditioning
* Acceptable for continued service with adjustment
* Unacceptable for continued service as is
* Replace with a new or different pipe support
* Review of piping stress analysis originally performed
* Perform a piping stress analysis study if needed
* Provide specifications for all supports other than those that are acceptable for continued use.
* Provide marked-up plan & elevation drawings identifying all support locations if needed

If Field Supervision is required, PSI can supervise:

* Removal, adjustment or replacement of rigid pipe supports
* Removal, adjustment or replacement of spring hangers or supports
* Removal, adjustment or replacement of sway braces, sway struts and hydraulic snubbers
* Field verification of piping movements as well as installed and operating loads carried by spring hangers

Reporting can be modified to fit your needs:

* Reporting can be summarized with an image and a recommendation Or,
* Reporting can be more comprehensive with all images, records of support, detailed description of issues and recommendations

Pipe Stress Analysis & FEA Services

Flexibility & Piping Code Analysis

Piping systems operating at very high or very low temperatures can be difficult to pass the piping codes. PSI will model the system, Identify support & guides span appropriately, then run piping code stress analysis to identify overstresses, movement issues, support loads and connection loads that may be issues. PipingSolutions will then try the most efficient and economical ways to mitigate any issues. PSI has pipe stress analysis procedures in place.

Finite Element Analysis

Using standard commercially available software, PSI constructs a model of the component, imposes the client specified loads & design conditions, then processes the analysis and evaluates results. Analysis will include deflections, rotations, linear and non-linear reactions, seismic effects, fatigue, heat transfer, stresses, etc. Reporting includes color plots, a statement of assumption, the analysis methods, the limits of applicability, the analysis results and our conclusions.

Rotating Equipment Loading Analysis

PipingSolutions can perform casing & nozzle loading analysis to determine compliance with equipment allowables, NEMA Std. for steam turbines, API 617 for centrifugal compressors and API Std. 610 for centrifugal pumps. Working with the customer to develop mitigation of the loads that are over allowables, PSI changes the support layout first in order to meet allowables.

Anchor and Restraint Design

PipingSolutions can deliver the entire design for the piping system, anchors, supports and springs. Working with our sister company AAA Technology & Specialties we can also deliver the support design. PSI has extensive experience analyzing and designing a wide variety of anchors and restraints including low friction slide bearings, insulated supports, variable hangers, axial restraints, limit stops, guides, hold down clamps, shoes, sway struts, sway braces and hydraulic snubbers.

Vibrating Piping System Analysis

PSI evaluates the piping system's susceptibility to vibration at differing frequencies. For the piping system alone we compute the natural frequencies and the mode shapes. That process helps us suggest where to place supports or braces for mitigation if needed. If we have imposed vibration loading, that can be analyzed using Time History dynamic analysis.

Earthquake Simulation Analysis

After constructing the model, PSI can apply seismic loading using percentage of gravity/static equivalent loading or response spectrum loading for a dynamics analysis. PipingSolutions likes to look at the natural frequency and modes of the system as well in order to make sure that the system is well supported. Seismic results are reported in the piping code reports and any issues are mitigated.

Buried Pipeline Stress Analysis

PipingSolutions has performed complex buried pipeline analysis and used creative designs to mitigate issues that existed due to poor design like upheaval buckling from expansion on a rigid system. PSI can design anchor flanges, concrete anchor blocks, steel anchor clamps and anchor frames.

Transient Flow Loads such as Water Hammer

Transient loads such as water hammer, surge flow or steam hammer requires a dynamics analysis using Time History. In the event that the transient flow load is not know, PSI can have data collected and loads calculated. PSI can provide mitigation recommendations after analyzing the behavior of the system when loads are applied.

Rotating Equipment Imbalance Vibration Loads

Given mechanical vibration loads caused by rotating equipment PSI can apply those loads to the piping system using Time History analysis and simulate piping system issues. From there, we can mitigate piping system issues using support layout schemes or piping layout schemes.

Pressure Relief Piping System Analysis

Given fluid flow forces and timing, PipingSolutions can simulate piping system issues using Time History analysis. PSI can mitigate issues by determining the correct support layout and/or the piping layout. Our goal is to insure that our clients' pressure relief systems are rated correctly and function as intended without resulting in an over stressed conditions.