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    cathy keener

    Typically, this is modeled by putting an imposed movement on an anchor. For instance, if you have three different buildings that your pipe is spanning over. You would have 3 different movements (considered the worst case by structural) that you could apply to your anchor on each of the buildings. That implies scenarios as well. What if all three were moving in the directions that were to be considered? What if everything was only moving in one direction at one time? Build your scenarios.

    * There has to be an anchor on each building in the design and in reality
    * Use anchors (attached to the building) to simulate an imposed movement (see below)
    * Model this using the Anchor Initial Movement tab, consider rotational stiffnesses as well. You may put in rigid or 5lbs of      stiffness.
    * Work with structural to come up with different scenarios that you want to try for imposed movements
    * In TRIFLEX, if you have modeled an anchor for your attachment to the building, you can add multiple Load cases in which you apply your different imposed movement scenarios.

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