TRIFLEX offers a robust solution that includes Statics Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Seismic, Wind, Flange Analysis, and Equipment Analysis. The user interface is logical and easy to learn. Load Cases are simple and do most of the work for you.

TRIFLEX pipe stress analysis software is simple, easy to learn, logical with powerful editing capabilities.

  • Simple Data Entry & Modeling

    Data entry into TRIFLEX is easy and simple. Modeling is made to be logical and fast. Fewer errors occur with real time geometry checking. Everything relevant to your system stays in one file that can easily be passed. You can check your data entry using graphic inputs as well.

  • Interactive Graphics

    TRIFLEX was the first to have graphical output and input checking. Graphical selection can be accomplished in many different ways. Pan, rotate, or zoom the graphic model. View it in rendered, single line or wireframe. Open up to 4 models at a time and manipulate windows in many different ways.

  • Structural Steel Input & Analysis

    Using AISC shapes and tables, TRIFLEX allows the user to model structural components and connect them to piping with definition of restraint. Then the user can run the analysis and see the deflections, forces & moments, stresses as defined by stress points and member capacity per the LRFD method.

  • Soil Modeling for Buried Piping

    It's easy to create and edit soil loading on a selection of piping components. TRIFLEX has Logical application of soil friction and soil springs with multiple stiffnesses. Automatically generate your soil restraint model for buried pipelines according to B31.1 App. VII or user specified springs.

  • Data Import/Export Capabilities

    TRIFLEX   provides users with many import/export options (including Plant 3D and PDMS) significantly reducing modeling time. With a simple PCF file (exported my most CAD software), the user can name the material, flanges, valves, support locations and more. CSV files can also be imported/exported.

  • Output Capabilities

    TRIFLEX was the first to have gradient graphical output that can help you check the accuracy of your model inputs, quickly see where issues are based on deflection and reports, make block changes, and communicate to your client. TRIFLEX offers PDF output of reports and export to Excel. You can sort tabular data and get multiple cases shown prior to export.

  • Real Time Error Checking

    TRIFLEX checks your geometry in REAL TIME. Immediately giving you an ERR or Warning on the input screen. This allows you to correct it quickly. The real time warnings allow you to see where there may be disconnects in your imported PCF file both graphically and in written form.

  • Block Operations for Editing

    Use Rippling in the component dialog or select using input parameters as shown in Graphic Output to quickly change an input criteria. TRIFLEX allows the user to utilize many methods for block editing including the input spreadsheet and a quick graphic selection box.

  • Easy & Unlimited Load Case Setup

    Easy to setup load cases with your name on them. Put in unlimited load cases and paste in your displacements. Load Case combinations are easy as well. TRIFLEX calculates "sub" cases (like Operating Case's thermal effects and pressure weight effects) in the background without your extra setup time. TRIFLEX considers Max Displacement with one checkbox and calculates the operating and cold state of restraints automatically.

  • Property "Rippling" Done Correctly

    In TRIFLEX you can quickly change input properties using the input spreadsheet, the component dialog, or the one of the graphic selection tools. It's easy to understand and always accurate. You can ripple structural components and buried piping as well. Rippling, as we call it, offers the easiest editing available.

  • Piping Codes

    Compliance with more than 20 global standards and codes including ASME, offshore, oil & gas, British, European, French Russian, API, NEMA, ANSI, UBC and AISC. Our piping code stress reports are easily compared with the code equations and easily identified. We also offer basic (non-code) structural calculations.

  • Databases

    TRIFLEX provides users with comprehensive databases for pipe materials, pipe properties, flanges, valves, pressure relief valves, insulation, and FRP/GRP material properties. User Databases are also available for user defined components, insulation and materials.

  • Statics Analysis

    TRIFLEX offers full capabilities under Statics analysis and allows the user to purchase only Statics analysis that also contains the ability to do Mode Shapes & Frequency Analysis. See Statics Capabilities section for a full review of what is offered.

  • Dynamics Analysis Option

    TRIFLEX offers full capabilities under Dynamics Analysis. With transient load data one can perform Time History Analysis with water hammer, surge flow or shut down data. With spectral data, one can perform Response Spectrum Analysis.

  • Jacketed Piping

    Easily model jacketed piping with the capability to set more than one global position for many pipes within a larger pipe. Easily and automatically set up spider (alignment) guides. Transparent pipe, rippling and copy/paste functions make modeling jacketed piping very fast. See the deflections, forces, moments, stresses and the interaction between the pipes.

  • FRP/GRP (Fiberglass) Pipe Capabilities

    TRIFLEX provides users with the criteria of two piping codes specifically for fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe plus vendor's data to assist users in modeling FRP/GRP pipe as well as guidelines for evaluating the results. The user can add FRP/GRP materials to the database as well.