PipingSolutions, Inc. develops, markets and
supports high quality pipe stress analysis software
for the design of piping and supports.

Our Merits

We have a passion for all things pipe stress and it shows in our personal approach to technical support and training. Pipe stress analysis is challenging and one could spend a life time learning it and its many applications. Learning about many different piping codes any many different industries keeps our interest peaked, makes us better analysts, and better software developers. Our first priority is providing support. We believe in a flexible business model with customer service at the forefront.

Who We Are

Pipe Stress Analysis by PipingSolutions, Inc.

We are engineers, software developers, teachers and challenge enthusiasts. We are PipingSolutions, Inc. in Houston, Texas. PipingSolutions was formally AAA Technology & Specialties until 1999.

Our Mission

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To provide: the best engineering software for pipe stress analysis, engineering focused software training, comprehensive technical support, and expert consulting services.

Our Vision


We believe that pipe stress analysis is a body of knowledge that should be shared and handed to future pipe stress analysts. We want to be part of helping to teach pipe stress analysis skills to the next generation of pipe stress analyst.