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TRIFLEX® Windows WERCO tributton


Analysis of Stresses in Pressure Vessels and Tank Shells at Nozzle and Clip Connections Resulting from External Loads

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WERCO 107/297™ is a comprehensive software package for calculating stresses in shells in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Welding Research Council Bulletins 107 & 297. The program eliminates the need for hours of tedious hand calculations and manual cross referencing and dramatically reduces the possibility of errors.


Easy to use Data Entry Dialog screens
Easy to understand HELP screens
Extensive Data Checking
Imperial and International units
Support provided by experienced engineers


Calculates stresses at eight points on the shell at the nozzle, clip or lug intersection
Automatically compares calculated maximum combined stress intensity with the allowable stress value – automatically increases reinforcing pad thickness until the calculated stress value is found to be less than the allowed stress
Determines worst combination of positive and negative loads and then designs a reinforcing pad so that the calculated stress is less than the allowed stress.


Provides an effective tool for evaluating the ability of a nozzle to withstand the forces and moments applied by piping
Provides an effective tool for evaluating the ability of a clip to withstand the force and moment loads applied by piping, structural members and equipment
Provides an effective tool for evaluating the ability of a lifting lug to withstand the forces and moments applied to it at lift
Provides technical compliance and documentation for regulatory authorities
Enables an engineer/designer to determine the reinforcement required in spherical and cylindrical shell at the intersection of a nozzle, a clip or a lifting lug.

WERCO 107/297™ Input

Shell Geometry Shape (cylindrical or spherical)
Attachment Geometry shape (round, square or rectangular – solid or hollow
Attachment Orientation to shell
Loads (forces and moments) X, Y & Z
Internal Pressure acting on shell
Joint efficiency, if applicable
Maximum Allowable Stress Intensity
Maximum Reinforcing Pad Thickness

WERCO 107/297™ Output

Input Echo with Error and Warning messages
Stress Report in WRC 107 Spreadsheet Format
Lists Bulletin Factors used in the calculations
Required Reinforcing Pad Thickness
Sizes Minimum Wall Thickness for nozzles
Calculates Nozzle re-pads, if required.


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