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What's new in TRIFLEX®Windows 2.3.1?

TRIFLEX®Windows 2.3.1 has added numerous new Enhancements & Modifications to the 2.2.1 release. Some of the major Enhancements are:

B31.5, ASME Refrigeration Piping and Heat Transfer Components Code – In this release of TRIFLEXâWindows adds the ASME Refrigeration Piping Code, B31.5, to our comprehensive list of design piping codes from which the user may choose.


Pressure Relief Valves – An additional component type, a Pressure Relief Valve, is added to the component toolbar and may be included directly in a piping system without interpretative modeling. An associated database of representative valves is also included.

Graphical Vessel Representation – When the piping system originates or terminates at a vessel, TRIFLEXâWindows now provides a graphical representation of the vessel instead of a rectangular block specifying an anchor. A tab on the anchor dialog brings up a user interface, allowing the specification of vessel properties, including size, orientation, and attachment data.

Rupture Disk – The flange dialog now allows for the specification of a Rupture Disk for which a flange pair will model the holder.

B31.1 Material Database – The TRIFLEX®Windows material database now includes selections for all material included in the ASME piping code. Choosing a material in the database, when using the B31.1 code, automatically enters material modulus of elasticity, thermal expansion coefficient, density, and allowable stress at the appropriate process temperature.

.DXF File Export – Three-dimensional DXF files compatible with a variety of drawing programs, including AutoCAD, may now be produced from within the program. The drawing produced is a line model, typical of piping isometrics, with dimensional data included.

PCF Import – The program now allows the direct import of PCF files as produced by Alias Ltd’s I-Sketch isometric drawing program. Piping systems entered using Alias’s tools including field data entered on PDA using I-Sketch Field, may be directly imported and analyzed with TRIFLEX®Windows.

... and many more. Please read the 2.3.1 Enhancements & Modifications and also the E&M for versions 2.2.1 and 2.3.0.


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