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2018 TRIFLEX® Training

General Description

Statics Course
In this class, you will analyze piping codes used in the piping stress software, review stress guidelines, wind and seismic loads, RFP modeling, and offshore riser situations. To improve your expertise, you will be given examples of various situations that arise in the industry. You will be shown how to resolve these situations.

Statics and Dynamics Course
In this session, you will learn to build a successful dynamic model, along with an interpretation. You will analyze the seismic response spectrum; evaluate relief valve discharge and transient loads by using time history analysis features.

Who should attend?

  • Design engineers, mechanical engineers, piping engineers, pipe support engineers.
  • Safety, Design & Maintenance Engineers & Managers.
  • Those who are evaluating TRIFLEX® in contemplation of a purchase.
  • Current Users who wish to enhance their skills and efficiencies with the latest version of TRIFLEX®.
  • Additional Users who are being added by established customers.
  • Benefits to Your Company

  • Improved productivity.
  • More accurate results obtained when pipe stress analysis studies performed.
  • Staff with training in the most current methods.
  • More satisfied clients.
  • Benefits to You

  • Review logic check list for performing piping stress analysis studies.
  • Learn when and why piping stress analysis studies are to be conducted.
  • Learn what data is required to begin a piping stress analysis study.
  • Learn the optimum methods for placing nodes on piping isometric.
  • Learn the most efficient methods of building a piping stress analysis model.
  • Learn how to interpret the output reports generated by TRIFLEX®.
  • Learn how to size and select the required spring hangers.
  • Interact with other piping stress analysis from around the world and learn of their challenges and methods.
  • Learn about the piping code requirements as well as the requirements of many related industry standards.
  • Schedules and Costs

    Statics Course Dates $950

    • May 7th - May 9th
    • October 15th – October 17th
    • Monday – Wednesday

    Dynamics Course Dates $600

    • May 10th - May 11th
    • October 18th - October 19th
    • Thursday – Friday
    • Full Statics and Seminar $1,395

    • Courses start at 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
    • They are held in Houston, TX

    • More information can be found on our TRIFLEX® Training brochure.

      If you wish, you may call 713-849-3366 or 800-729-2228 and ask for Cathy Keener
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