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TRIFLEX® Windows WERCO tributton

Pipe Hanger Design Software


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  TRI*HANGER™ provides the user with a tool that:

  1. Designs the pipe supports the user wants with a minimum of effort when you enter:
    • Operating Load or Installed Load
    • Pipe Displacement at the Pipe Support
    • Installed Height (Support) or Length (Hanger)
    • Pipe Diameter
    • Temperature of the Pipe
    • Pipe Support Assembly or Sequence of Components Desired
  3. Automatically adds hardware weight to design loads to ensure more accurate support sizing.
  4. Design categories include:     
    • Rigid hangers, variable spring hangers, constants, sway struts, braces, hydraulic snubbers, pipe shoes, slide bearings, hold down clamps, and dynamic restraints.
  5. Insure that installed height (support) or installed length (hanger) can be met for each assembly. 
  6. Generate professional looking drawing for each hanger assembly including components, dimensions, and design characteristics.
  7. Automatically generates spreadsheet reports that can easily be exported to Excel.
  8. Easy submit a request for quotation for designed supports.

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